Thursday, April 30, 2009


Karl Lagerfeld designs for Chanel fall/winter 2000, The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute
Lagerfeld is also an accomplished photographer. He took this photo of his 2002/2003 fall/winter Chanel rtw.

Karl Lagerfeld, self-portrait

Chanel prepared no successor and her house of couture was left in jeopardy for twelve years after her death. Karl Lagerfeld stepped up to the challenge of taking over where the legendary Coco Chanel left off in 1983. This was a perilous task because the enterprise of Chanel depended entirely on the talent of its founder.
Lagerfeld has successfully kept the name, work, elegance and refinement of Chanel alive. Instead of simply copying Coco's designs, Lagerfeld has had an innovative approach to the revival of the house of Chanel. In each of his collections he pays tribute to the Grande Mademoiselle by incorporating her trademark tweeds, lace, quilted bags and pearls.

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